GLOW w/Argan Oil, Date Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, Safflower - 1 oz

GLOW w/Argan Oil, Date Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, Safflower - 1 oz


GLOW Argan Oil is very high quality, unadulterated and comes from a women’s cooperative in Morocco. Triterpenoids found in this powerful oil, in combination with other organic compounds found in the oil, are able to reduce the appearance of age spots and scars, and skin blemishes to keep you both feeling and looking young. Premature aging is a serious problem for many people, but by maintaining skin elasticity, argan oil can prevent those typical symptoms of aging. Rich in fatty acids, our GLOW moisturizer restores your skin’s firmness and ability to store hydration and is a proven superingredient for all skin types.

We combine this lightweight oil with botanical, nutrient-rich, and soothing infusions such as Date Seed Extract, Aloe Vera and Safflower to create a moisturizer that goes on silky and absorbs quickly into your skin without feeling sticky or oily. A gentle, fine formula that is safe for all skin types and especially effective for sensitive or irritated problem skin. GLOW restores your skin’s hydration balance, silky-fine leaving skin feeling instantly plumper and more elastic while supporting firmer, younger-feeling skin with less redness or puffiness.Softens, soothes, and helps restore dry and damaged skin.

How to Use: after TONE or POLISH apply one to two pumps by applying onto face and neck as needed for light hydration AM/PM. (You can skip PM if using NOURISH)

Benefits: Improve elasticity & plump the skin. Evens skin tone & reduce dark circles, delivers immediate moisture retention, coating the skin & extends release of moisturization 24-48 hours.

Thank You - With your GLOW purchase YOU are Making a Difference - With every bottle of GLOW purchased, we donate 4% of your purchase on your behalf to People, Animal and Planet Social causes through our Regenrus Cares Program. Learn More

Our SKIN by REGEN products are certified toxic free, animal cruelty free and Made in the USA. Our Ingredients have been sourced from farms which never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturing partners screen their material both before and after extraction to assure it contains no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microbial contaminants. We are so committed to the quality of our product, and health of our customers that we test each batch of our finished product, just to be sure that no unknown contaminants ever make it into a product that we sell.

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GLOW HERO Ingredints:

  • *Argan Oil tightens and tones skin to increase skin firmness and is a wonderful moisturizer. It helps to regulate and keep the PH balance for normal, supple and soft skin packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to rehydrate dry and damaged skin.
  • Date Seed Extract provides life from a 2,000 year old date palm. Assists with dark circles, antioxidant benefits and assist with the slow down of cell proliferation.
  • *Aloe Vera Leaf Juice provides the highest level of polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals. It is Acemannan, (an acetylated polymannose) whose structure and functional effects have been very well documented by science.
  • Safflower Oleosomes and Water (Emulsifier-free Delivery System) improves twice as fast as non-ionic based emulsions which can be toxic. Delivers immediate moisture retention, superior occlusive properties coating the skin and extends release of moisturization up to 24-48 hrs.