SKIN by REGEN Sip & Spa Social Supplies Bundle

SKIN by REGEN Sip & Spa Social Supplies Bundle

Jumpstart your Regenrus business by having SKIN by REGEN SIP & SPA Socials!  No experience needed - Have fun while earning 10-40% Regenrus Shares Commissions.    

What's included:

  • Qty 12 Udderly Clean Antimicrobial Silver Microfiber Towels 12" x12"
  • Qty 6   Round Compact Mirrors Double Sided 1x 3x Magnification PU Leather
  • Qty 6   Skin Care Product Sample Trays
  • Qty 6   SKIN by REGEN Product Brochures Laminated 8.5" x14"
  • Qty 6   SKIN by REGEN Hero Ingredient Benefits Laminated 8.5" x 14" 
  • Qty 6   Black Low Odor Dry Erase Markers
  • Qty 6  Teal SKIN by REGEN Skincare Stickers for Gift Bags
  • Qty 6  Natural Recycled Kraft Gift Bags
  • Qty 6  White Tissue paper sheet 18" x 24"
  • Qty 6  Try our Other Product Postcards
  • Qty 6  Regenrus Cares Thank You Cards
  • Qty 6  Regenrus Product Information & Order Sheets 
  • Qty 6  Sip & Spa Host Program Fiyers
  • Qty 6  Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Licensed Practitioner Program Flyers   

Step 1 Purchase your Full Set of Skin Care Products & Wellness Teas for the Party and SKIN by REGEN supplies bundle which includes all the supplies you need to successfully host a SKIN by REGEN Sip & Spa Social with family and friends!

 Step 2 Visit SIP & SPA section on the home page of the Affiliate Academy in your backoffice to learn the easy steps to having fun hosting a SIP & SPA Social while earning 10-40% Regenrus Shares Commissions. ​