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Kerrie Lloyd

Integrative Solution Services LLC
San Juan Capistrano
Kerrie Lloyd is deaf and autistic and multiple pharmaceudical medicines were tried for behaviour support.  Eventually CBD/Hemp was discovered for its multiple benefits and, in combination with superfoods and essential oils, Adam was ultimately free from perscription meds and side effects caused by them.  Adam continues to need behavior support and he needs services as part of his ongoing treatment plan. He is living a productive, happy, and heartfelt life and he is truly a genuine old soul.  Ours is a story that continues to gracefully evolve with Adam's growth and development". In addition to her career in financial services, Ms. Lloyd has a background in healing and service professions.  She received her doctor of natural health in 2003 and she continues her study of natural health  alternatives.  After watching Adam make great gains as a result of his nature based treatment plan, Ms. Lloyd founded Integrative Solution Services to offer special needs families a means to sort through available alternatives while creating a meaningful treatment plan that promotes growth and healing for the entire family.  With an education in finance, psychology, and natural health, Ms. Lloyd is also certified in ABA based Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) through UC Santa Barbara. She continues her study of PRT while implementing modalities for Adam.

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